The Custom Print Shop is Now Open!

The Print Shop is Now Open

November 1, 2020

Blog Three:  The Custom Print Shop is Now Open!

By Von Terry

A Form of Expression

The Custom Print Shop is Now Open!  I’ve loved T-shirts forever.  For me, they are more than just casual and comfortable apparel. They can be stylish with the ability to dress up or down and of course, used to make a statement!  T-shirts are a form of expression, a way to convey a message and share your story with the world.  Today, many people have found them to be an effective tool to increase social and political awareness around numerous issues including Police Brutality (Black Lives Matter), Healthcare (Obamacare), Coronavirus, 2020 Elections and much, much more.

More than Casual & Comfy Wear

After a long workday, I look forward to throwing off my work clothes and changing into a comfortable, familiar  T-shirt and pair of socks.  Working in a corporate America, my attire during the workweek is business professional. You’ll find me in either a suit, dress, skirt, or slacks with a blazer.  I also love dressy, fashion T-shirts with bling, sparkle and fancy fonts.  They add style and flare to my wardrobe. I can honestly say I own hundreds of T-shirts.  Not sure if that’s good or bad?  Chances are, you probably have a collection too. That’s why you’re reading this, right?!

Customize your Own T-Shirt

At Jelly Crackers Merch, we want to offer you the kinds of custom, fancy and memorable T-shirts that you WANT to wear and own for years to come (and we want to wear too, if the truth be told).  How many times have you ever heard a saying or slogan and thought “I would love to have that on a T-shirt”… but then of course, it doesn’t exist yet!?  It’s time to change the game.  Share your story with a T-shirt creation of your own.

Of course, we’re changing and breaking the rules! With our easy to use, custom T-shirt designer, you can create your own T-Shirt with your own saying, phrase or picture. Check out our quick “HOW TO ORDER” guide to make your first of many T-shirts! You can upload text, logos, pictures or other images. The process is fast, convenient and can be done on a desktop or tablet.  For obvious reasons,we do not accept Trademarked logos or images or Copywritten materials.

Merchandise for all Flavors

After you create your custom T-shirt, browse all our online products! We hope to see you coming back again and again for all your T-shirt and apparel printing needs in the future.  We add new merchandise and products monthly.  This includes a variety of fun, fresh and sassy T-shirts that we design in-house. We also offer products that provide fun, enjoyment and pleasure for inside and outside the bedroom.  Check out our Novelty Socks, CBD Massage Candles and Oils, and Lubes. We have merchandise for all flavors!

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  1. Amanda

    Just wanted to comment on the print shop.

    I purchased a few items from your custom print shop and loved them all.

    I see you have new items available such as the wood tiles. I will surely purchase one or two of them. Yes, I can make my own.

    Love your customer service. Outstanding! Also, love your naughty line

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