Shop with Jelly Crackers Merch.  Find fun, crazy and  sexy items to add to your bedroom, body and beautify yourself with our sweet smelling products.

Come on in and shop with ease, flare, flavor.  Read our lovely and happy blogs.  Read our many descriptions of our products, now those will surely make you laugh.

What we do at Jelly Crackers Merch.  Search our many products and find something unique.  We design our products with the customer in mind.  Also, you can create your own wild and funny design.  Surely, we love that.  In fact, we provide ready to purchase products as well as print on demand.  We try and create an inviting bedroom while styling the body.  Fragrances, lotions, edibles oh my what a selection.

Of course, we are never afraid to explore deeper.  We love sexy, sensual, delightful, need I say more.  Are you in the mood yet?  Indeed, I hope so.  No need to be bashful at JCM.  We won’t tell or even share your secrets.  Once you purchase something or send a photo to us, we lock it up and throw away the key for safe keeping.

We adhere to a dungeon atmosphere.  sshhhh!  Once you come in, you won’t want to leave.




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