Putting the pieces back together.

Some days I wake up feeling like sweet pepper jelly. Who am I kidding? I feel like hot & sweet pepper jelly…ready to take on the world! My hair looks great! My outfit is rocking and fitting perfectly. I am walking on cloud, feeling confident and centered.  Do you ever feel like this? Now, there are other days, I feel like a broken cracker. Yup! I feel like those cracker pieces left at the bottom of the box. These are the crackers that are chipped and broken with no space to hold anything, let alone jelly. Do me a favor don’t throw these crackers out.  They can be reused and repurposed in another recipe. Think cracker piecrust, breadcrumbs or stuffing. Everything and everyone have a purpose!

Furthermore, my point is, from time to time, we all have bright and sunny days and gray and cloudy days for one reason or another. I have suffered with depression all of my life. I didn’t know what it was until I was in my late twenties.  Both of my parents struggled with substance abuse but recently discovered that depression was just one of the medical conditions that had a long history in my family.  Depression is no joke! When you go to that deep, dark place, it’s hard to pull yourself up and push forward. Some people never do! The CDC reports, “the suicide rate has risen by 16% from 2011 to 2022, moving from 12.3% to 14.4% deaths per 100,000 individuals. The largest increase in the rate of suicide occurred among males ages 15-24.”


Another day

From day to day, life throws so much at us! Many things we can control like our morning workout and breakfast routine while other things we cannot, such as traffic, accidents and other people’s choices. Stress and anxiety can hit us out of nowhere.  Work and financial (or lack of), death of loved ones or relationship issues can be huge triggers. These stressors can affect every part of our total well-being from your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self.  Think about a time when you made a snarky remark for no apparent reason, or a time when you didn’t leave the house for days or weeks to meet with friends and family or has it been some time since you and your spouse/partner spent quality, intimate time together?

It can be hard to show yourself compassion or prioritize your own needs when you’re sad or disconnected. Make sure you don’t neglect yourself when you’re feeling gloomy. Try treating yourself like you’d treat a friend who’s feeling down. 

Every day, make a point of doing something you enjoy. Do things that refresh you, taking a long, hot shower, going for a walk, meeting up with friends, or taking a mental health day off work. When you take better care of yourself, you’ll likely start to see an improvement in your mood. 

There are plenty of ways to cope with the blues, but if your sad feelings aren’t going away, it might be time to seek professional help. Connecting with a licensed therapist either locally or virtually. There are many resources, try Talkspace, an online therapy platform. See a list below for more information.

Whether you’re feeling blue or dealing with a form of depression, grief, relationship or intimacy issues can make you feel unmotivated. Therapy can provide support for emotions you’re struggling with. Reach out for help today to beat the blues and learn how to be happy again.

Mental Health Resources



https://www.apa.org/ptsd-guideline/patients-and-families/finding-good-therapist https://www.talkspace.com