Sliquid Soak Bubble Bath



Sliquid Soak Bubble Bath

8.5oz/255ml in Coconut Papaya

Gentle on intimate areas

Glycerin, paraben and cruelty free


100 percent vegan

Coconut and papaya


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Grown-up Sliquid Soak Bubble Bath.  Come on in and try it. Beautiful scent and relaxing.  Of course, I know you will need a sweet smelling, take me away night.  Bubble baths aren’t just for the young but the young at heart.  This will make you feel like you are on vacation weekly.  But you can use this daily.  Bath for one or more.  Be creative, have fun and leave it all in the tub.

Sliquid soak bubble bath, soak it in and forget about it.  Here’s a quick rhyme for you.  Soak, soak, soak it up.  Let them know you can’t be stuck, in a rut, in rut, when the world is just too much. Get out your bubble, put it in a bath, call up another do the math.  One is good but two is fun let them know the fun has just begun.  But don’t forget when the world is too much, use our bubble bath to get out of the stuff.

Lastly, great for sensitive skin and areas.  Yes, we would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a relaxing bath after some play. Oh wow!  I didn’t forget.  Trying to be discreet.  You can come to your own conclusions.  When, where and how to use it.  We are only here to make suggestions.