She-ology infused oil



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Organic coconut oil

External use ONLY

Sensual lubricant externally and massage oil

CBD infused

Does not contain THC

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This She-ology infused oil  is a lubricant and massage oil is a must have for any dresser or closet.  First, this is not just any lubricant, this is specifically made with women in mind.  So, enjoy the sensual lubricant and massage oil.  Second, it’s made with fruit extracts.  Wow!  Now that’s lovely.

Also, the She-ology oil infused lubricant has two main uses.  Number one as a lube and number two as a massage oil.  Let’s start with number one-lubricants enhance the intimate area that you are trying to awaken or keep aroused.  Number two, it works as a massage oil. In addition, massages work great when applied to the whole body.  Are you getting the big picture.  Try something new with the CBD infused lube.  Birthday, Holiday, Anniversaries, really anytime is a good time for this Love oil.

I’m in the mood for love. How about you?  Experiment and experience something new tonight.  Let the oil take you on a journey of love and excitement.

Do you really want to hear my rhyme’s.  Maybe just one.  Your lover’s coming home in the middle of the day, miss those kisses on those lips, put your hands on up on my hips, slide a little oil on my thigh, don’t be shy aim a little high.  Take me to la la land, so we can wake up and do it again….


Not for use with Latex condoms

Use externally

Made in the USA

Easily washes away with warm water




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