Save a Dolphin T-Shirt


Save a Dolphin Ride a Horse


Style: Unisex

Brand: Gildan

Weight: Gildan 5.3 heavy cotton,  100% cotton




This Save a Dolphin T-Shirt  is a fun addition to your wardrobe. In addition, did you know that Dolphins and Horses are highly intelligent animals.  They are closely related genetically because of their hoofs and genetic material.  Dolphins and Horses are free spirits.

Also, people are drawn to Horses and Dolphins due to their calming nature.  Imagine what a Dolphin sees under water in the vastness of the deep ocean.  Alternatively, wow, Horses running wild around this big world.  Together, what stories can be told by these two magnificent creatures.  They are also entertainers.  Both are smart animals with the ability to be trained.  The effect of a Horse or Dolphin will make you light-up with pure enjoyment.  Notably their pure power is undeniable.  They will capture your heart.

Horses can sense fear and Dolphins can feel bad vibrations.  So if you come near the creatures with harmful intentions, you make get a kick or water in your face.  So leave the bad vibes home!

Finally, while creating this Save a Dolphin T-Shirt, it made us laugh, relax and not to take life so seriously.  We love this shirt and hopefully you will too.  Purchase it as a gift or just for yourself.

Sizing Chart

Body Width1820222426283032
Body Length2829303132333435
Full Body Length2829303132333435
Sleeve Length15.621718.52021.522.8724.2525.38

Laundry instructions:

Wash reverse side/tumble dry no heat/line dry

Gildan: heavy cotton

District: light weight

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