Personalized wood tile


Add your own personalized words or photo

6 x 6 wood tile

Printed on both sides

Dye sublimation used

Please send a clear photo.  If photo is blurry or pixelated, we will not complete the order..

Photo or image should be at least 900 pixels.  Small images cannot be enlarged. 

Display stand included




Come on in and order your Personalized wood tile. Who does not want a favorite memory, image or whatever you like on a wood tile.  Create a keepsake for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, ladies night, bro night, etc.  If you want something naughty printed, we can always accommodate this order.  We are very discreet.  

Of course, these are made for fun times and sacred times. Why would you personalize a product.  Personalization allows someone to be unique. To have ownership in what they are creating.  To have an emotional attachment and have control of what they are purchasing.

As you can see, personalization is actually the thought that counts.  It’s about human connection.  It takes time to personalize something.  This means that someone actually took their time to understand you.  They have taken that special moment in life to put it on a keepsake.  By adding that little something special that is only about you.

Remember! It a personalized wood tile.  It is so special when you receive a gift from someone that has that sparkle.  It’s love, it’s appreciation, it’s valuable and most of all it’s priceless.  We want to make your keepsake special.

So send in your most precious memory, words or photo and we will make it sparkle just for you.

Come on in, don’t be shy.  We love everyone



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