Naughty wood tiles


Naughty wood tiles

6 x 6  (using dye sublimation)

Front/back side printed

Display stand included





Come on in and order your Naughty wood tiles.  What do we mean by Naughty wood tiles, well they are sexual  images.  Made for fun time at parties, gatherings or just a night with a mate, lover or spouse.  These wood tiles were made to be displayed.  Hang it in your bathroom, bedroom, study.  Anytime you want a little pick me up, laugh or just plain ole fun.

Also, purchase a couple and put them in a panel of four to make a tasty display around your home.  Everything does not need to be tasteless.  Clothes on, off or partially would make anyone want take a second look.  Use these as foreplay before the play.

Create your favorite scene, moment, body part etc.  You get the idea.  Purchase our lovely tiles and be just as delighted.  I love displaying or looking at mine or other people’s body parts.  I am human.  It makes me feel alive.  I have eyes, I can see.  Does not mean I want to touch.  A little imagination goes a long long way.

Don’t we all love the feel, touch of another human being.  In this case just

Come on in, don’t be shy.  We love everyone




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Coconuts on a beach, sexy ass abs, Train all over me