Milk Me Silly Masturbator



Remote control

Flesh: Premium Fanta Flesh

Weight: 20.7 lbs

Size:  12.2 long, 11.8 wide, 7.1 high

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The Milk Me Silly Masturbator has life like flesh material.  The most fun you will ever have. Touch me all over.  She has perky and round breasts.  Use her anytime of day or night.  Take her with you on a trip to lovin’ town.  Put your rod in the front or back without any problems.

The Milk Me Silly Masturbator are extremely satisfying.  So much like the real thing.  The soft, supple skin is completely elastic, pliable and smack-able.  Absolutely worth some fun and good times.  If you are looking to share your bedroom with someone special.  Pick me for some quiet fun.

Furthermore, easy to tuck under or in the bed.  Never worry about knocking her up.

She is always ready.    No headaches-no head. LOL.  By the way, she does not need to be naked all the time.  Dress her up with a sexy nighty or satin robe.  Play a role and peel each piece off a little at a time for a memorable night.  Is love in the air.  Yes, I know so.

Instructions:  To clean, just run some warm soapy water through each opening and allow it to drain from the back.  Clean well before and after use with lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam.  Always use a good water based lube.  Can be found under our naughty products.  

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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12.2 × 11.8 × 7.1 in

PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Masturbator


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