Melting Rose Petals



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Melting Rose Petals

Melting Rose Petals use these just to relax after a hard day or hard night.  Relax  and soak in the tub with your partner while the petals melt into a delightful aroma.  Play around with the rose water, splash it all over your body.

Alternatively, use these melting petals to make your bedroom smell of a light sexy fragrance.  When you smell these rose petals you just want to jump on your partner.  You are gonna blossom in more places than one.  Place them under your sheets and literally make love on bed of roses.  Roses have a delightful scent.  Get swept away in the scent but not too much.

The best way to use these petals is not to melt them.  The scent last a long time.  So place them around the house, in closets, drawers, or any place to make it sexy.  Rose smells would make anyone melt.  Additionally, let our partner melt into your arms or lap and get carried away.  Allow them (him/her/him), to fall deeply, madly and naked on a feather pillow and take it slowly.  Here I go again, another quickie.  LOL.  Take the petals and place them along a path to your bedroom or any room you deem necessary to have a love making session.  Then little by little…oh you know what to do.  The End