Mega Butt Stroker



Real Size

Ultra Realistic

Length: 6.4 inches

Width: 4 inches

Height: 3.6 inches

Weight: 1.42 lbs

Tunnel Length: 5.9 inches


10 in stock (can be backordered)


Mega Butt Stroker

Yes!! Fantastic! Buy it! 

Buy this portable, travel-sized stroker.  If you want excitement every night, buy this Mega Butt Stroker, come hard and empty your dick every time.  Less talking, more action with this tight ass waiting for your big cock!  Stroke it fast, slow…just be sure to cum inside me every time.  No condom needed!

Let’s be real, I’m not going to play pretty on the words.  We all know what it is.  Don’t shy away. If you can’t handle it, stop readying NOW!.  It gets nasty.

As a matter of fact, who doesn’t like it tight.  Makes you work a bit harder.  Sweat, sweat, dripping down, work on that cardio.  Check your watch, the heart rate is up, fat burning mode.  Can you last or are you ready to explode all over yourself.  Remember, it’s just you and the stroker.  Lube it up nice and wet.  Work that ass hard, pump, pump, slow it down, pump, pump.  Exploded all over myself.  Was it worth it?  Did you leave the money on the nightstand?

Clean me up and get me ready for the next time.  I’m easy.

Maintenance free: Just clean it up with warm soapy water.


Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions7 × 4 × 4 in