Hemp Seed bath and shower gel



Size: 8 ounces

Made with Natural Hemp seed


Sweet smelling

Flavor: Beach Daze


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This Hemp Seed bath and shower gel exfoliates.  It soothes dry and itchy skin, scrub and delights your skin with natural orange and eucalyptus oils.

It removes dead skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth and radiant!

I do use this great Hemp seed bath and shower gel at least 2x times a week.  Especially since COVID,  It’s great to wash away the days dirt and sweat.  Additionally, wash your mate and let them feel the tenderness, sweet smells and smoothness of this great body wash.  Every body can use a little exfoliation.  Don’t be shy, come on in a buy one of these or all of our great soothing body washes, lotions and oils.

Additionally, you have read my other product descriptions.  So you know what I’m about to do.  Wait, no sexy talk.  Maybe just a little.

Here is my rhyme, just a little something for your ear’s before you take a shower.

Wash that body, wash that body, make it fresh and clean, lather up that body from your head to your knees, rinse it once, rinse it twice, now you smell so very nice, dry it off, dry it off, put a little hempseed lotion on, now lay in the bed and get it on.  Not my best but it’s funny.  That’s what life is about smelling fresh and laughter.  Enjoy




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