Good Head Oral Delight


Made in the USA

Size: 4 ounces

Flavor: Strawberry

Not a numbing cream

Enhances the experience


Good Head Oral Delight

Let’s be honest.  Good Head Oral Delight is a must.  Don’t be shy. Don’t be scared.You know what you and your partner like.  Rub a small amount of the gel over desired areas and go crazy. GoodHead is healthy fun.  Who doesn’t want strawberries for dessert.  Let your imagination go wild!  Buy as a wedding gift.  Give it to a bachelor or bachelorette.  Send it to a cousin or favorite person.  They will love you for the purchase.

Turn the heat up in your bedroom.  A little goes a long way.  The reviews are hot!  But of course, everybody is not going to like this.  Because some people are just too skeptical.  Try it for yourself and judge it for yourself.  The clean-up is easily done with warm water.  Wow it’s just that easy.  Remember it’s paraben free.

I need to be honest, from the reviews, some people say it does not numb.  The package does not claim to numb, just makes the oral delightful.  We sell an actual oral numbing spray.  Click the on the Oral Delight for the Throat spray.  You will always get the truth about a product at Jelly Crackers Merch.