Fuzzy Crew Socks



Colors: Variety pack of 3

Style: Striped print

Size: 9-11 Women (fits shoe sizes 4-10.5)

Material: 80% Polyester, 10% Nylon, 10% Spandex




These Fuzzy Crew Socks for women are just so warm and comfortable.  They are like a hug for your feet.  Excellent holiday or anytime gifts.  These winter socks are made your for mom, wife, daughter, grandmother, sister, friend or girlfriend.  Comes in a variety pack of bright colors.

Imagine a cold night, sitting in front of the fireplace, roasting some marshmallows, your feet are cold.  Just had a thought, I saw a Groupon for Jelly Crackers Merch online.  Click, click, you purchase  (2) 3-packs of our Fuzzy Crew Socks.  One for yourself and one for your Mom who is actually staying with you during this holiday.  You wait a short few days and your package arrives. The whole house is happy.  Your feet was actually looking forward to the warmth of these socks.

It’s movie night, the fireplace is hot and ready to go.  You’ve got your popcorn, candy and your warm Fuzzy Socks.  All is calm in your home.  You are warm from head-to-toe.  Now you are thinking, you have an idea.  Warm socks for all the girls and women in your family.  Now, all is well in your family.  Everyone’s feet is warm and happy! 

Care instructions: We recommend the gentle hand wash or machine wash using cold water and no tumble dry, for these socks may shrink at high temperature.


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