Flirt Net Dress Lingerie


Fits up to 3x

93% Nylon

7% Spandex


1 in stock


Come on in. This comfortable Pink Lipstick Festival Flirt Net Dress Lingerie is excellent to lounge around or you just want to feel everyday pretty.  Watch your partner go crazy as you strut your stuff across the living room floor.  Leave a little to the imagination.  Are you ready! Set! Buy me!

By the way, Monday night blues, Tuesday, night rules, Wednesday night fools, Thursday night news, Friday night oh, oh, oh.  Saturday night it’s on and Sunday night is the time for rolling in the hay.  Love does not need a special night but love does need a little spice.  Obviously, we have a variety of black and red satin robe and nighties that will be sexy on you.  Even sexier when your partner takes it off.  A little lace, a little grace, a little slipping and sliding throughout the night.

This Festival Flirt Net Dress Lingerie is ready for dinner, wine, candles, holding hands, and slow dancing.  Ohhhh whatttt a night.  After the good time is over, cuddle, have another glass of wine….  I don’t think I need to finish the story.  I can ramble when writing about this awesome robe.  Try it for yourself or buy for your partner.

Maintenance: Hand wash cold, line dry. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

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