Face Mask Holders


Made for: Kids, Mom, Dad, Friend, Grand parent

Mask not included

Colors: 2 pack (yellow/blue) 2 pack (red/purple)

Size: 21.5 inches

Style: Ribbon

Weight: light weight



If you must know, Face Mask Holders are the best. It’s new and made just for you. Comes in a 2-pack variety.
They are handy and convenient. Wear like a necklace. Made for everyone. Suitable for all mask. The holders help to keep your face mask safely around your neck when not in use.

Grab a 2-pack for friends, family, guest, or any occasion. They are  skin friendly. They will not scratch or irritate your skin.  In fact, the ribbon is light yet strong.  Feels like a feather.

Buy now! Get something flashy that will pop.  Everyone is wearing them.  Don’t get left out.  Don’t forget to purchase a mask with that.

Here’s a little rhythm.  Red and purple, yellow and blue these are made just for you.  Don’t forget to shop around, there’s a gem in the crowd.  Check out our blog.  It will make you smile, even if it’s for a little while.  Browse our designs, now you are in for a treat, this is where fun meets.  One, two, three on the naughty line, please oh please don’t be left behind.  So bring it back home and shop for more.  What do you know it a score.

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Yellow/Blue, Purple/Red


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