Edible Massage Oils/Lotions




Brand: Little Genie

Size: 2oz



Not sticky



Edible Massage Oils/lotions are recommended for those relaxing nights.  We carry  different flavors such as raspberry and passion fruit.   A night of bliss, of course, everyone needs candles, wine and a great massage.  Not to mention, Juicy Watermelon come on and let’s get your night started.  Actually, on a long weekend or working at home, take a little time to enjoy the day with your partner.  Especially, a little kissing, hugging, massage oil.  Please, I need a deep massage.  Take me away today, it’s already been too long. Shut out all the noise, turn down the lights, close the blinds, put on some spa music.

Finally, these Edible Massage Oils/lotions last a long while.  Need I say more.  This part is self explanatory.  Does it taste good? Yes.  So I have heard.  Indeed, a big flavor for everybody. I will share a short story with you.  Because of my sensitive skin and body, I really don’t like massages from strangers.  But now that I have the Massage Oil, I ask for a massage, at least, once a week.  Please, I do enjoy this.

Does no Contain any parabens or petroleum based additives.

Ships in 1-2 days.  If it’s out of stock-one week.  


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Raspberry, Passion fruit


2 oz


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