Drip candles


3-pack Red Fire stick drip candles
Kink in the dark (drip candles, body candles & glow in the dark toys)

Always test the temperature before putting on your skin

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Drip Candles and more.  Drip candles for your body.  It does not hurt… that bad.  I like a little pain with my pleasure.  Drip a little on your skin and feel the drip, drip, drop of sexiness all over you.  They don’t give a burning feeling on the skin.

Kink in the dark.  Come on in and find out.  Kink means bending from a straight line.  Try a little new in your life.  Stop licking the vanilla and indulge in the colors of the rainbow.  Put a little flavor on that stick or surfboard.

Pecker candles

In a needs-no-intro penis shape, Spicy Pecker melts into a silky, moisturizing wax that holds heat extremely well. First, light the wick and set your Candle somewhere safe for a few minutes. The low meting point will have wax liquified in no time and ready to drip. Blow out the flame, test the temperature, and play away.

Drip candles

Not only are these bright red paraffin wax candles the perfect way to add a sexy glow to your play space of choice, they also happen to be perfect for partners indulging in a little – or a lot – of hot wax play.  They burn for approximately 30 minutes.

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Drip candles

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