Deeply Love You Throat Spray



Size: 1 ounce

Flavor: Butter Rum

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Deeply Love You Throat Spray

Tonight is a yes.  Order our Deeply Love You Throat Spray for an enhanced experience. Gag no more.  Our spray relaxing and numbs the back of the throat.  Making the experience more enjoyable for the giver and the receiver.

Simply direct a one or two sprays to the back of the throat and wait a few minutes until it takes effect.

Purchase this spray for your partner.  Make tonight special.

You say butter rum.  Who doesn’t like butter or rum.  Make you partner feel good today.  Spray it on and watch the magic happen.  Start off slow, then rev it up a bit.  Let me provide a quick lesson for the beginner.  Like I said start off slow, use your hands-use all five fingers, roll and swirl your tongue, provide suction-like your sucking a cherry lolly, service the underside of the penile, don’t forget about the testicles, they need love too.  Last but not least, NO TEETH -that would hurt a lot.  Look your partner in the eyes and be enthusiastic about making your partner feel their best.

Of course, here’s an added bonus. Find your rhythm and use your words.  You need to know what you are doing right.   I think I have said too much.

Hope this helps.



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