Trust us, it smells divine!


Candle -6 ounce Hemp seed 3-in-1 massage candle-Sunsational scent includes (bergamot, juniper berry and white wood)


Oil-CBD daily massage oil 4 ounce







To use the CBD-Hempseed light up the smoke-free wick and place the candle somewhere safe.  Meanwhile the wax melts into a super smooth oil and an incredible scent fills the room. Next, blow out the candle, and drizzle or spoon the pleasantly heated oil over the body and massage into the skin.  Smooth a few drops over knees, wrists, shoulders.   Smooth it on 3-5 times a day for fast-acting relief of tightness, aches and soreness.

Rub the mint scented lotion all over the areas in pain. Furthermore, it takes about ten minutes to start working.  I should know, it’s used daily. Pun intended.  Definitely, use the massage candle or oil/lotion to soothe those daily pains or use it to get a deep massage from your partner.  Come on isn’t that the point.  Make it a romantic night.  Call for a seven o’clock appointment-booked! Introduce your partner to your custom personalized massage room.  That will get them ready for action.  Ooops- a night of relaxation.  Wink, wink.  Gotta make it fun right.

If you have not used this product yet, give it a try.  If you have used it, come back for more.  It’s a delight.  It will get you right.

100 percent THC free.

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Daily Massage

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