Body pasties


Edible (strawberry)

Premium (glow in the dark)

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 Body pasties 

Wow!  These body pasties strawberry and glow in the dark are sexy and they add a little spice to your bedroom. We have many varieties.  Let’s start with the Edible Strawberry.  Edible, yes please!  Spice, spice, spice it up, put it on and eat it up.  Purchase a pack just for the rhythm.

Additionally, the four pack of Glow-in-the-dark pasties are a pleasant surprise.  Run around the room and follow the nipples.  Now that’s fun.  Don’t you want to try a pack.

Why would you really want to wear these? Body pasties so many to choose! Because they are adorable, adventurous and very comfortable.  Imagine wearing these, instant sexiness. Touch yourself, don’t you feel wild and free.  Do a dance, strut your stuff, walk across carpet or hardwood floor.  Create your own catwalk, star in your fashion show of one.  OOOh, I am loving this.

Ok, first put on your nipple huggers, second put on a sexy nightie, third put on our sexy black robe, fourth spray yourself down with our Coochy Intimate Feminine Spray, lastly turn on sxm radio to whatever station you like.   I think you know how the rest goes.

How to wear:

Stretch them carefully over clean, dry skin and get ready to catch some eyes! For best glowing results, let your pasties sit under a bright light for a while beforehand.

Put the strawberry anywhere.