Big Pecker Ice Tray


4 Big Peckers

Ice Tray

Cold use only



Big Pecker Ice Tray

Amazing, Perfect.  Use this Big Pecker Ice Tray for more than ICE.  So many uses, make soap, chocolate, jello shots or ice.  You come up with inventive ways to use this unique ice tray.  Great for Bachelorette, Bachelor Parties, Christmas after hours, New Years party or just chilling with your friends.  Imagine a Big Pecker in your glass.  Drink up and suck away.

In the first place, some people like a big pecker in their mouth.  Why not eat it or lather it on you.  Let’s start with the soap pecker, feel that big pecker all over your body-inside and out.  You control rhythm and the feel of it.   Additionally, let’s make chocolate, or jello shots.  All of these you can eat and enjoy whenever you like.  Cool chocolate or jello shots.  A chocolate big pecker, who would not want this flavor. How about we use dark chocolate, even better- lots of antioxidants, it fights free radicals and may lower blood pressure.

Furthermore, the jello shot would be a big jello shot.  But that’s ok.  Suck on the jello shot all night.

Use this as a cold tray ONLY, please do not use this for hot foods.