Bachelorette Party Midget Man




Bachelorette Party Midget Man

Throw the ring on the ding-a-ling.  Why not have fun with the Bachelorette Party Midget Man.  Blow him up and watch his penis grow.  He’s short at two feet, three inches (2.3ft or 27 inches height) but he will provide lots of fun at the your party or gathering.  A little wine, food and laughter creates a great ladies night out.

Also, you can lay him down on the floor and put a ring on that ding.  He’s always smiling, so fun for hours because he won’t make a sound.  That’s what I like. A man that can take the pain without a sound.  Purchase this inflatable man for yourself-  I won’t tell.  Send it to a friend as a gift, for a party,  just because or a live ladies night out.

Bored on a Sunday night, pull this out, blow it up, and ring in a new day.  Play all night, toss away.  If you miss, try again, he won’t mind.  Let your imagination go wild.  You can rub him all over, now you are in control. When you are done.  Lather him up with a little soap and water or use our Shine Toy Cleaner.  


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