I needed to write about Family relationships because this is a part of my healing process.

What is Family Love

When GOD calls loved ones home, it is always a shock but we know death is apart of life as life is apart of growth.  Death for lack of a better word has taken two loving people of my family in the last six months.  My loving niece Breanna Lattimer and my Big Brother Bo Lattimer.  My niece Breanna, 29 years old was a beautiful, uplifting and creative soul.  I would call my niece anytime day or night.  She would always have a moment for me.  We would have chats when she was driving to work, on her day off or cooking.

Purple (Breanna’s favorite color)

Breanna always had a kind word she was an encouraging spirit.  She made you feel safe, important and energized.  Breanna attended Church.  She loved learning new things in life, exploring different subjects, working, growing new fruits and vegetables in her garden and spending time with family and friends.

In addition, One time Breanna provided me some positive feedback.  I started building my website and began to have problems with a section of the site.  I told Breanna and she said “I know you can do it Aunt Carla, just take a break and start over.  Just hearing her words made me feel calm and energized.  Her words are always on my mind when I start to feel down or second guess myself.

My heart is very heavy but I know GOD does not make mistakes.  I will not question why, in fact, I pray everyday that GOD provides us strength to get through each day.

Blue (Bo’s favorite team color)

My Big Brother Bo 61 years old.  Still too short of a life.  In other words, he had so much more to do.  Bo loved barbecuing (cooking out), and boxing some of his favorite pass times.  Training his Grandkids and showing them one of his favorite talents put a smile on his face.

Bo had a confident Aire about himself,  didn’t pull any punches and told you the truth about any questions you asked him.  He was serious yet comedic.  You had to love him because of his unforgettable nature, his passion for life and his love for family.

His friends and co-workers were so excited to tell great stories of my Big brother.   Stories that put a smile on my face and in my soul.

I will give you a quick story about Bo.  I am the food adventurer in my family.  We always have the same food staples on Holidays.  So, I asked my Brother Bo to make me some mussels for Thanksgiving.  Of course he made enough for everybody and to my surprise, my picky family loved Bo’s mussels.  He made two different kinds.  One in red sauce and one in white sauce.  He later asked me how did I know he knew how to cook mussels.  I said, I knew you would figure it out and it would be great.  So after that Thanksgiving, the new menu item was Bo’s mussels.  Even my sister Marleen enjoyed the mussels.  (she is extremely picky).

Of course his cooking capabilities were much more than mussels.  His hot wings, steak, ribs were also awesome.. My Big Brother was definitely one of a kind.

In conclusion, Family means Everything and Family love will never leave you.  It has many memories and most of all like the Oak Tree, the older it gets the stronger the roots.


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