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JCM von and carlaOur About us page is about two Black women who started an unique online store to promote positivity, clean naughtiness and fun times.  What makes us different is that we love promoting family business as well as new products.  We print, sell printed merchandise and sexy products.

Look no further!  Jelly Crackers Merch (JCM) is where you will find and create fun, unique and memorable merchandise and products for yourself and others.  Make a personalized gift or large custom order for family or work gathering.  JCM makes it affordable, easy and effortless!

We wanted to do something different with our About Us page.   Instead of reading a lot about us, we will give you a snippet.

Carla and Vontre’Ale have been together for 20 plus years.  We have enjoyed all 20+ years through the great, good and rough years.  Through it all, life has taught us a few great lessons:  always have fun, laugh at yourself and most of all share your life with someone who TRULY loves you. I’m Jelly and she’s Crackers.  Sweet and buttery go well together.  Enjoy JCM as we will.   



Stay Jelly.

About us
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  1. CONTACT INFORMATION Jelly Crackers Merch (404) 353-0328 
    Atlanta, GA
  2. Contact Email: info@jellycrackersmerch.com

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