240 Pounds Need Help

Blog One:  240 Pounds Need Help

The story begins as the delivery driver left three large packages at my doorstep totaling 240 pounds need help.  I was anxiously awaiting these boxes for weeks but did not expect they would be on a palette, covered in plastic, oversized and too heavy for me to lift.  Because of my herniated back disc and arthritic left knee, this would be not be an easy task.

Kindly and graciously I asked the delivery driver three times to assist me with placing the large boxes on the top of my doorstep.  This would help me to drag the boxes into my house easily.  Without hesitation, he said NO due to COVID-19 and quickly drove away!  This rationale did not make sense since we both were wearing face masks, he was not coming into my house and we would be six feet apart. Yes! I would have given him a tip.

At this time, feeling stressed because it was forecasted to rain, again attempted to lift the largest box weighing more than 100 pounds up three (3) steps into my house but was only able to lift it up one step.  The entire time, my male neighbor across the street saw the large deliveries and me struggling with the box.  He stared but proceeded to go back into the house as if he did not see me.  I took a long deep breath and attempted for the last time to move the box further without damaging it.


My male neighbor came out a second time, looked me in the face, saw me struggling but said NOTHING.  I was not faking or playing a part, “Damsel in Distress”.  At this point I was looking for a little help.  I did not think to yell across the street for him to help me. It was apparent help was needed!  Because I was sweating, my back spasmed and my knee gave out I took my ass in the house and called my wife for help.

My wife made it home two hours later. We successfully dragged and pushed the 100 plus pound box up 3 steps and into the house moments before the rainstorm started.  We were thankful that the equipment was not damaged.

The days of kindness, customer service and neighborly love are few and far between. We are laughing about it now but this experience was infuriating and frustrating. I was disappointed by the lack of concern by the delivery driver and my neighbor. Everyone needs a little help from time to time! Sometimes just a look signifies needing a helping hand. In these new and strange times, of course, some people may be afraid to ask you or reach out.  I was not afraid to ask, just assumed.  I made an (ass) out of myself.  Lesson learned.  I realized all men are not very helpful.

However, a little kindness goes a long way in spreading happiness and positivity.  How do you help yourself and others find happiness in these difficult times?  Let Jelly Crackers Merch help you find fun and creative ways to share happiness!

Written Carla and Von